So, what am I up to these days? Many of you have asked, why did I decide to "hang up" my turntables?  Three basic reasons, a) Most important... #DadLife!!! My kids play sports, and as a result of missing too many events, it really prompted the change. b) The club scene was evolving, and for a guy like me, who started working with three turntables, a microphone and a mixer, just working the club crowd in support of musicians, the scene was losing its luster. Finally, c) after trying weddings and private events, I realized that chocked the creativity and freedom that comes with working clubs (which is what I liked), AND it takes up your weekends.
So what am I doing these days? Well I parent... and I have taken up app share driving part time which keeps me busy and gets me out and about, so I can REALLY enjoy life! Thanks again for your support all these years! -Dom